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These Marketing Strategies are managed by International Hospitality Sector specialists, with more than 25 years hands on-experience spanning from Hotel Management to Online Hospitality Sales and Marketing.

This winning combination of specialized skills is what allows us to successfully implement the latest marketing and distribution strategies, and increase the average profit and occupancy rate of our Clients.


RE    : Hotel Marketing Strategies (130 pages)

Dear Hotelier,
Everything seems have many of Hotel Marketing Strategies arose around us. But when it comes to hotel marketing strategies for smaller hotels, guest houses and even bigest hotels and resorts..Which one the best One ?

When we try to look for cost effective advertizing methods that will reap the benefits both in the short term and also into the future, small independent hotels simply have the limitless marketing budgets and so must rely on their ingenuity rather than just throwing another million or  two on a 'Branding Campaign'

Don't get me wrong - creating a great Brand is an essential part of your Hotel Marketing Strategies. It's just that the average cash-strapped independent hotelier usually needs to see a solid return on their investment of both time and money in the short term, not some 'touchy-feely' Brand image.

So how can we drive the guests through our doors without spending a fortune with a proven hotel marketing strategies ?

The Facts are: Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, meta-search engines like Kayak, video-portals such as YouTube are really helpfull but sometimes be "complicate the situation and its not enough ":).

Advertising strategies that worked just fine a few months ago are now ineffective; the glory days of self-flattering bordering on "false advertising", Hotel websites and brochures are over.

So...What's the Truth ?

The truth is .... So Many Ways "New Strategies” are born daily. It's easy to get lost in this choir of "new gimmicks" and lose sight of the few online advertising methods that can yield actual results.

Every day businesses in the hospitality sector are trying out new gimmicks by which to convince the increasingly informed network of international travelers to stay with us.

Don't Waste Time Trying To "Figure Out" What Works...

So..Here's the Tested and Proven Hotel Marketing Strategies that could be Instantly Boost Your Hotel Sales Revenue, Contracts and Reservation...Try this with 100% Guarantee.

The core of Hotel Marketing Strategies is seven high-powerd modules that lay out the entire strategies for you, so..its 1-2-3 easy.... Here’s what you’ll find inside each module...:


  • Find out what influences 81% of online travel purchases
  • The 6 fundamental changes that will immediately boost your Hotel online contacts and reservations
  • Fix the first and foremost problem that prevents 50% of users from completing an online reservation
  • The 4 approaches you can use to elicit trust, boost the visitors' confidence in your Hotel, and increase online reservations
  • Double, in just a few minutes, the number of Hotel newsletter subscribers you can e-mail exclusive offers to
  • Use the Hotel website to create your very own monopoly, and set your own prices without being limited by the offers of other Hotels


  • Check if your Hotel website is search engine optimized in less than 1 minute
  • What truly causes your Hotel website to appear before the others on Search Engine results
  • The method 99% of Web Agencies use to make you think you're "seeing results" when in fact your search engines campaign investment is not in the least improving your visitors traffic
  • 3 actual examples of Search Engines marketing "scams" (i.e. the Euro 5,000 per year service contract for work that is not remotely being one), and the software that can help you avoid them


  • The cost/benefits of Search Engines vs. Pay Per Click marketing
  • The 3 "mental states" of online vacation planning; how keywords potential travelers use to search can tell you when they are ready to buy
  • How to select keywords that cost less and result in more online reservations for your Hotel
  • How to avoid spending on keywords that will never yield a single reservation


  • 7 things you can do right now to start dominating "Local Search" results on Google (those that appear next to the map in response to searches containing a geographical location, i.e. "Rome Hotel")
  • Use Google to illustrate the geographical position of your Hotel and increase your sales, free of charge


  • How increase your early bookings so you can better plan your budget
  • How to boost your website visitors traffic and reservations through special offers no-one will actually book
  • How to exploit an elementary economic principle to easily up-sell and cross-sell your Hotel rooms and services both on line and at the front desk
  • How to use Portals to boost your official website contacts and reservations
  • Discover which scientific discipline will allow the invoiced sales revenue of your Hotel to increase year after year


  • A well-proven, extremely simple method by which you can boost the number and quality of positive reviews about your Hotel on TripAdvisor, customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Avoid being penalized by TripAdvisor for making a very common mistake which causes positive reviews to be labeled "fakes", even though you did not write them
  • The single thing that determines whether your guest will leave a positive or negative review on Tripadvisor
  • Transform negative reviews into free publicity for your Hotel
  • Check the online reviews people leave about your Hotel, on any site, free of charge
  • Avoid common communication problems that negatively influence the buying decisions of 18-20 million people


  • How in 10 minutes you can analyze the visits the Hotel website received during that day, highlight the most important data and constantly increase traffic over time
  • Learn how many visits are "normal" compared to the Tourism market average (50-70 visits/day regardless of your Hotel geographical location are not enough to turn your website into a primary sales acquisition channel)
  • Measure the results of everything your Hotel or Web Agency does over the Internet and fine tune your online marketing initiatives to get better results
  • How you can assess whether or not your website visitors traffic is increasing from month to month, find out the websites that bring you more traffic and results, and differentiate the contacts and reservations your website received from individual online sources.

But how much will it cost ?

Do you want to know how much it will cost you to get this incredible hotel marketing strategies that will transform the profits of your hotel ?

ONLY $29

Yes, for just $29 you will have all of the information you need to jump full force into setting up your autopilot Hotel Marketing Funnel.

Why $29

I'm only charging $29 for this system for 2 reasons.

  • $29 puts this course within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest hotelier.
  • Anyone who's not serious enough about their Hotel to invest just $29 into this concise hotel marketing system isn't going to take the short time to use the methods laid out in the course anyway.

So if you're serious about your hotel making more profit for less effort, click the "Download Now" Limited Offer.

So there you have it !

To sum it all up, for only $29, you get instant access to the Hotel Marketing Strategies System manual in PDF format that explain each aspect in greater detail. PLUS a few little 'Bonuses' thrown in for good measure!

You could be downloading and reaping the benefits of this unique Hotel Marketing offer within the next few minutes. All you need to do is click on the 'Download Now' button to order...

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Download this Strategies right now, and put it to the test within the next 8 WEEKS. If you're not seeing shockingly good results by then (by your own standards), I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you and you will be removed from the database. No questions asked, no hassles.

WAIT....I Still Have More For You..!

Hotel Marketing Strategies

If you BUY before I close the door (which could be anytime), I’ll give you a special time-limited bonuses that will help you get going with this even faster....!!

Download My Free Reports Today

If you want to learn the hotel marketing strategies and hotel internet marketing, you can apply on a day-to-day basis to drive up your guest spend per head and get your guests coming back time and again

Limited Bonuses :

Proven ways to boost sales and get more repeat bookings from your existing customers to generate more profit for your hotel

I’ve written my new report to give you real practical tips to get your sales up from day one. There are no complicated gimmicks or hard to follow instructions, just actions that work.

Based on our years of experience as a business coach and hospitality professional I know what does and doesn’t make a difference to your guests’ willingness to spend and make repeat bookings, which add profit to your bottom line.  And all my actions are in my reports.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • How to drive your existing and potential customers back to you – time and again.
  • Why you need to become an expert in your chosen field.
  • How to increase customers’ spend per head and increase the lifetime value of every customer.
  • Why you need to collaborate with suppliers, local businesses and even your competitors for a win – win.
  • How to increase your customers perception of value for money without reducing your prices.
  • How to ensure your staff are contributing to – not hindering – your efforts to increase margins.

Case History #1
Boutique Hotel – Less than 120 rooms

6 months after the Hotel Search Engines campaign started, the website daily visitors traffic increased form 50 to 220.

Case History #2
Luxury Hotel –Less than 45 rooms

6 months after the Hotel Search Engines campaign started, the website daily visitors traffic increased form 0 to 120.

Case History #3
Boutique Hotel – Less than 80 rooms

The Hotel received more than 160 online reservations through its Booking Engine within 80 days of redesigning its website. The number of reservations the Hotel received over the phone or by e-mail more than doubled.

I Don’t Need To Hear More...
Let Me Order Your Hotel Marketing Strategies Right Away ! also I need your BONUSES

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To Your Success

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The introductory price means:

* The e-book will pay for itself after 1 online reservation.
* You will avoid scams that are already costing some unwary Hotels more than Euro 5,000/year.
* You will save thousands in time and money, as the otherwise costly series of "professional consultations" you would need to learn how to promote the Hotel over the already in your hands.

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